3 things you should know for successful stroke recovery - 1. The right track for your stroke recovery

3 things you should know for successful stroke recovery - 1. The right track for your stroke recovery

Managing your lifestyle and rehab consistently after a stroke is essential to your steps for recovery.

Rehabit is here to be a source of information for you during your stroke recovery journey.

We have put together a series of 3 posts about 3 things to know for your successful stroke recovery:

  1. The right track for your stroke recovery
  2. Rehabilitation based on reliable information
  3. Create your own healthy lifestyle habit

First of all, it’s important to set the goals and right direction for your rehabilitation before you start.

1. The right track for your stroke recovery

the right track for your stroke recovery journey

“I’m not convinced that my daily workouts are getting anywhere. I feel that I’m at a standstill as if I’m on a hamster wheel.”

Many survivors endlessly doubt their progress or seek immediate results.

Let us remind you once again—Rehabit’s rehab program is here to support you and guide you as you go through this journey. Fortunately, there's clear, reliable guidance en route to your recovery.

When you exercise, are you aware of the exact body parts that are being worked on?

Can you feel the nerve impulses as you move? Are you acutely aware of the effects of each tiny movement in the body?

Many gym-goers check themselves in the mirror during a workout, so that they could observe their postures and specific parts of their body in motion.

Their concern is to find the part of the muscle that needs more work and focus on its growth instead. Observing and feeling the movements help them greatly.

The same goes with rehab exercises. Stay conscious and focus on your affected side, while feeling the nerve impulses (or electric signals)—even the slightest sensations.

rehab exercises for stroke recovery

Likewise, look into the mirror while you exercise and keep a straight posture. Try to feel the faint

signals pulsing through the muscles. No need for too much repetition in one go. Just stay focused and work the area slowly and correctly.

Eventually, you will feel your muscles and nerves working again, and see the changes in your body. These small changes will prove that your patience and efforts are not in vain.


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