Do you remember that I mentioned there are 3 things you should know for your successful stroke recovery in the previous posting? Today, it’s time to share the second topic, “Rehabilitation based on reliable information”.

3 things you should know for successful stroke recovery

  1. The right track for your stroke recovery
  2. Rehabilitation based on reliable information
  3. Create your own healthy lifestyle habit

You may have done a lot of research about stroke rehabilitation and feel confident about the information you have gathered. It is always important to check with your health care professional if the information is appropriate for your situation for your successful stroke recovery.

Rehabilitation based on reliable information

Today, we will start with a common myth -"Stroke recovery occurs during the first few months following a stroke."


As you gain more knowledge and understanding of stroke and recovery, your confidence can grow as you educate yourself on your situation.

Is the following a myth or fact?

"The window of recovery for motor skills (muscle strength and coordination) is limited to the first 6 months after a stroke. After that, 'what you see is what you get'.”

There is no specific timeline for recovery. With the brain's ability to form new connections and pathways, we are able to improve and get better as long as we stay active and work at it. In fact, many stroke survivors continue to improve years after the stroke.

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While brain healing and reorganization peak in the first few weeks to months after stroke, studies show that survivors have the potential to recover up to decades later. Dedicated rehab activities and targeted therapy interventions may help accelerate the process. The recovery timeline will vary for each and every one of us.


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