Neofect Cognition for Cognitive Training

Cognition is a brain re-training software that focuses on attention and cognition.

Cognitive training is essential for successful community living and independence in everyday life. This software has been shown to improve working memory for users with Alzheimer’s dementia. Neofect Cognition has also helped patients with brain injuries increase their attention span. This March, as we acknowledge Brain Injury Awareness month, we’d like to introduce this new cognitive training software, Neofect Cognition.

cognitive training with ComCog

Cognition as a cognitive training program has existed for a number of years in Asia but has only recently come to the US under the US rehabilitation technology brand, Neofect, the makers of the Smart Glove and other Smart Rehabilitation products.

cognitive training with ComCog

Cognition uses computer assisted cognitive rehab along with Neofect’s learning algorithm to guide a user through cognitive training based on their skills. Cognitive skills refer to the intellectual activities that encompass memory, reasoning, attention and visuospatial skills. Damage to cognitive function can cause difficulties in ones’ daily life.

Promoting brain neuroplasticity is a key element to the cognitive rehabilitation process after a brain injury. Neuroplasticity is a concept that states that the brain will essentially rewire itself to compensate for the area of injury or damage. Cognitive rehabilitation focuses on the importance of retraining the brain.

4-week cognitive training program using ComCog

After utilizing the Cognition software for a 4-week training period, patients with traumatic brain injury were shown to improve their attention to more closely resemble that of their healthy counterparts. This may be due to the concept of neuroplasticity, which postulates that the brain can rewire itself to work even when parts of it are injured.


In Alzheimer’s dementia patients, a 4-week cognitive training program using Cognition was shown to significantly increase memory capabilities. Patients were able to better remember words and objects that had been presented to them previously and scored higher on tests of orientation and recall.

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