Evolving Technology Offers Increased Independence in Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Evolving Technology Offers Increased Independence in Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Life after a spinal cord injury can sometimes feel a little hopeless because you have to rely on someone else for everything, even simple everyday tasks like feeding yourself or brushing your teeth. Although modern medicine has not yet found a way to cure paralysis, modern technology is starting to bridge the gap. Over the years modern technology continues to introduce exciting new ways that allow people who are paralyzed to regain some functionality back and, better yet, regain hope!

Functional Devices Assist with Everyday Tasks

Over the years there have been many functional splints and devices created to assist people with everyday tasks. One of the most commonly used functional device is called a universal cuff. A universal cuff can be used in a variety of ways such as to hold a feeding utensil, tooth brush, or makeup brush ect. Depending on the level of the spinal cord injury one may require a wrist support splint along with the universal cuff or a mobile arm support which will provide a gravity eliminated position for the upper extremity, which will allow for active movement while utilizing less muscle strength.

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Another common practice is utilizing foam to build up objects such as feeding utensils, tooth brush, or writing utensils. However, if someone needs a little more support for writing they may be recommended a functional writing splint such as a figure eight splint or a Wanchik Writer splint.

neomao hand fucntion robotic soft glove

There have been many other devices and custom splints created in order to perform fun activities such as gardening, fishing and painting.

NeoMano: Regain Hand Function and Independence

All of these splints and adaptive devices are great and very functional. However, Neofect has created a robotic assistive device called NeoMano that helps with hand motions in order to give people back their hand function and independence while only requiring one device. NeoMano is a wearable robotic glove that assists with the grasp and release of objects. The glove is a partial-glove design that enables the thumb, pointer and middle finger to perform grasp and release motions.

NeoMano can assist people with everyday tasks such as feeding, writing, exercising, and daily grooming tasks. People have even rediscovered old hobbies with the use of NeoMano, like golfing and photography! If you’d like to get one for yourself or a loved one, you can for the fraction of the market price by visiting our Indiegogo campaign.

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To learn more about the NeoMano, call (888) 623-8984 or email info@neofect.com.