Global Trend of Artificial Intelligence Healthcare 1: the U.S. and Europe

Global Trend of Artificial Intelligence Healthcare 1: the U.S. and Europe

Major countries including U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea are focusing on policy capacities to their industrial development and investments in R&D in order to utilize active use of big data, ICT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing patients with innovative healthcare services, such as robotic care and personalized healthcare.

Global Trend of Artificial Intelligence Healthcare

1. US
The United States, a world-leading country in the field of AI, is promoting policies for research and development of AI at the government level and is focusing particularly on personalized medical innovation, which utilizes AI through the “Precision Medicine Initiative”. In 2015, the United States announced the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) as a healthcare project for the next generation. The PMI is a new approach to promote a personalized disease treatment and preventive measure by taking account of the difference between patient’s genetic information, environment, lifestyle, etc. in a systematic manner. The United States is increasing its investments at the government level to promote PMI, and is reinforcing its cooperation with universities and enterprises to lead the market in the global healthcare industry.

2. Europe
Europe is promoting the establishment of platforms for medical informatics and the provision of precision medicine with reinforced genomic analysis with plans to make active applications of AI technology in such fields. Platforms for medical informatics utilize IT, big data and AI Technology to analyze various forms of data collected from medical institutions, such as hospitals, public institutions, health service centres, etc., and apply them to diagnosing, preventing and developing new treatment methods and drugs for diseases affecting the brain. Among the EU countries, the United Kingdom is intensifying its efforts in the development of big data for precise medicine R&D and investments in the application of AI genomic analysis by investing 300 million pounds in the 100,000 Genomes Project for cancer and infectious disease treatment.

Artificial intelligence Healthcare

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