Functional Orthosis that is used to Minimize Spasticity

Many stroke survivors suffer from a lot of spasticity in their affected hand causing them to present with a clenched fist. Many people have a hard time independently opening their fingers back up preventing them from completing functional tasks. Spasticity is caused by miscommunication from the brain to the affected hand.

There are a few different options of how to treat spasticity. These treatments can be temporary or permanent. A temporary option would be getting a botox injection to the hand. Botox is a medication that is used to relax the muscles. Botox usually lasts about 3 months and then the medication will wear off.

In order to treat spasticity in a more permanent way one would have to retrain the brain in order to prevent miscommunication from the brain to the hand. One is able to rewire the pathways in the brain by Neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that the brain has the ability the rewire itself even in injured areas by performing repetitive tasks and movements. The Neofect Smart Glove and Smartboard allow for the this repetitive movement.


Another way to treat spasticity is by utilizing hand splints (orthosis). If someone keeps their hand clenched all day their muscles will start to shorten, causing them to get very tight. If the hand is in a clenched position for too long without being stretched it can cause contractures. Contractures can be very painful and can require surgery to release them. In order to prevent contractures it is important to stretch out the muscles.


A great way to provide a long passive stretch is by utilizing Neofect’s new Extender. The Neofect Extender is a functional orthosis that is used to minimize spasticity, maintain functional grasp as well as prevent stiffness. To find out more about the Neofect Extender please call us at 888-623-8947 or email us at

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