Once you or a loved one is released from the hospital after having a stroke and are back home it is important to start thinking about how to best continue your post stroke rehabilitation program. It is important for a stroke survivor to stay motivated even after they have been discharged from all therapy programs. Research shows that people can continue to recover from a stroke for years after the original stroke.

When determining what device would be best for you or a loved one after a stroke its important to look at a few key components.

Does the device incorporate a key factor to healing after a stroke: Neuroplasticity?


A stroke causes damage to the brain which can cause one side of the body to have weakness. However our brain has the ability to rewire itself after an injury, this is called neuroplasticity. The principles behind neuroplasticity states that in order for the brain to rewire itself it requires repetitive exercises to be done in order to build new pathways. Therefore it is very important to find a device that incorporates repetitive movements.

Is the device backed by evidence?

When choosing a device it is important to make sure the device has been utilized in multiple research studies and has proven to work to improve people's function after having a stroke. You want to make sure the device is viable and reliable.

Is the device user friendly and can it be used independently by a stroke survivor who has one sided weakness?

It is important to find a device that you or your loved one can use independently and will not cause frustration. It is important to find a device that will motivate you! Can you or your loved one set up and or put on the device independently is an important question to ask yourself if that person will be home alone when using the device.

Is the product paired with any assistance from a therapist?


It is important to make sure that the device allows support when needed from a therapist who can help you along the way and answer individual questions along the way.

Is the device affordable?

It is important to find a stroke rehab device that is affordable for you. Most devices are not covered by insurance, therefore it is important to find a device that best suits your needs. It is important to find a device that is worth the money and will not just collect dust on your shelf!

Choosing a good device for your needs after a stroke is very important and should be done in a timely manner. It is very important to continue with your stroke rehab at home as you can continue to make gains for many years after a stroke!

Neofect Smart Home Rehab has developed the Smart Glove, Smart Kids Glove, and Smart Board which helps people who have suffered from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, or many other neurological injuries. The Smart Glove is lightweight and portable, and can be taken anywhere along with the 10 inch mobile tablet it connects with. The Smart Glove and Smart Board are both affordable products that can be used at home independently or with a therapist.

After purchasing a Smart Glove or Smart Board an onboarding session with an occupational therapist will be scheduled. During the onboarding session the occupational therapist will provide education on how to properly utilize device and will be there to provide support. At the end of the session the occupational therapist will provide you her information so that if you have any other questions or concerns you can reach out at any time.

The Smart Glove and Smart Board are biofeedback tools that were created based on the theory of neuroplasticity of the brain. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new connections and neural pathways by performing repetitive movements. The Smart Glove and Smart Board help to create a lot of repetition in a fun and engaging way. Each of the activities encourage movements that are needed for activities of daily living, so you can work towards gaining back your independence.

The Smart Glove and Smart Board is backed by research at some top facilities. Research has shown that utilizing the Smart Glove 5 times per week for at least 30 minutes has increased users upper extremity function as well as overall quality of life. Therefore, consistency is key!

To learn more about the Smart Glove, Smart Kids Glove or Smart Board and find out how you can purchase a therapeutic stroke rehab device that you can use anywhere or anytime please call (888) 623-8947 or email