Neofect Smart Pegboard, Fine Motor Skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Stroke

Neofect Smart Pegboard, Fine Motor Skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Stroke

CES Innovation Award Honoree second year in a row, a healthcare technology startup Neofect, has developed an addition to their array of smart rehabilitation products.

Neofect Smart Pegboard: breakthrough rehab device for grasp and dexterity for pateitns

Neofect Smart Pegboard is a breakthrough device designed to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation training for grasp and dexterity with a cognitive and visual component to engage patients. By involving patients in a motivating rehabilitation experience, providing real-time visual and auditory feedback, the product can capitalize on neuroplasticity.


Neofect Smart Pegboard includes one Base Board, three Combining Boards, and five Peg boxes. The Base Board is equipped with 63 high intensity LED lights, digital display, and built-in speakers. By replacing combining boards, therapists can design a personalized training plan and customize rehabilitation program based on specific needs of each patient.


Neofect Smart Pegboard employs gamification to keep patients motivated by creating a positive, interactive environment. By playing the training games, patients can make progress in their rehabilitation program. They also receive a visual and auditory feedback which helps them see the results of the therapy in a real time.


The games employ two forms of exercises - functional and cognitive. Examples of the games include: making shapes, remembering the order, or catching a snake. The results are scored for an overall time, an average response time, the number of pegs in right places, and success rate.

Ho Young Ban, a founder and CEO of Neofect, said: “We’re excited and proud to add the Neofect Smart Pegboard to our list of technological innovations. We believe that by using game-based training, healthcare providers can help their patients stay positive about their recovery which will lead to better rehabilitation experience and more people getting back their health.”

The Neofect Smart Pegboard, as well as other technological innovations, empowers patients to become active participants in their recovery program by setting specific, achievable goals while providing valuable information to their caregivers. The data helps physicians to amplify the efficiency of rehabilitation processes. Now you can buy or rent to own this innovative digital rehabilitation devices.

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