Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises at Home | Neofect Smart Rehab Solutions

Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises at Home | Neofect Smart Rehab Solutions

Enjoy Stroke Rehab Exercises at Home with Neofect Smart Rehab Solutions

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Neofect is a maker of gamified rehabilitation training solutions and programs such as stroke rehabilitation exercises at home for patients with neurological, central nervous system, and musculoskeletal injuries. We are based in San Francisco, CA.

Neofect’s Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provide rehabilitation solutions and exercises at home through games for patients recovering from medical episodes like stroke. Each game is scientifically designed to invigorate muscles and stimulate visual and auditory senses to reinforce neuroplasticity and accelerate recovery. AI built into the Neofect solutions suggests rehabilitation games based on patients’ preferences and progress, delivering customized, optimal therapy for patients.

Neofect Smart Rehab Solutions for Rehabilitation Exercises at Home

  1. stroke rehabilitation exercises at home with Neofect Smart Glove, a 2017 CES Innovation Award winner, is a wearable hand rehabilitation solution that connects via Bluetooth to a screen where patients participate in immersive, game-based training tasks. Patients can “pour the wine” or “squeeze the orange” and see their movements mirrored and measured on-screen. Experience amazing stroke rehabilitation exercises at home with the Neofect Smart Glove now!


2. The Neofect Smart Kids is a wearable hand rehabilitation solution designed for children ages 5-15 years old. Similar to the Neofect Smart Glove, Smart Kids offers a variety of fun games that mimic activities of daily life.


3. The Neofect Smart Board is an upper limb rehabilitation training device for patients recovering from stroke. It offers three types of game-based exercises—conditional exploration, point-to-point reaching, and shape drawing— to improve patients’ coordination and active range of motion in elbow and shoulder joints.


  1. The Neofect Smart Pegboard, a digital version of traditional pegboard therapy that offers three board shapes and 30 engaging games to improve hand/eye coordination and upper extremity function. A 2018 CES Innovation Award winner, the platform uses light to signal where patients should insert the pegs, and delivers auditory and visual feedback on patients’ progress.


Approximately 85 percent of stroke survivors give up rehabilitation due to cost constraints and distance to a treatment facility, so digital and at-home devices, like the Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solutions, help overcome these obstacles and allow patients to continue training to regain their mobility,” said Kim. “Patients can purchase the devices to use in the convenience of their own home and still have access to physicians and therapists who can remotely monitor performance data to evaluate patients’ recovery and make adjustments to their therapy as needed.”


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