Stroke Recovery Stories - Stroke Survivor Marcy

After having a stroke, Marcy began looking for at-home stroke rehabilitation solutions. This is Marcy's stroke recovery story after her 1 month of acute rehab in the hospital.

Stroke Recovery Stories - Stroke Survivor Marcy


Soon after having a stroke, Marcy began looking for stroke rehabilitation solutions that she can do at home. She went from the hospital to an acute rehab for 1 month before being discharged. After which, Marcy became concerned about going from having stroke physical therapy 6 times a day to once a week. She knew that she needed a lot of repetition in her post stroke rehabilitation and did not think she was going to get that in her weekly therapy session.

Q & A with Stroke Survivor Marcy

Where did you engage in rehab and how long did it take
I started looking for solutions while still in rehab. I was in a local hospital for a week and then acute rehab for 1 month. I worked with an OT 3 times a day. I was going from therapy 6 times a day to once a week, which concerned me a lot.

Why did you decide to look for additional tools for at-home rehab? Were there other devices that you purchased or considered?
I am a nurse educator, so I have some background information on neuro rehab. Knowing how important repetition is for rehabilitation, I was concerned to be only going to therapy once a week. I spent a lot of time Googling different rehab solutions to try to understand it the best I could. At first, the only at-home rehabilitation solution I only came across was the Flint Music Glove.

Where did you go to find out about the different rehab solutions?
I Googled a lot of different post stroke rehab solutions to try to understand it as thoroughly as I could. I found that I can search ‘Stroke OT exercises’ every day and find something new. My daughter also did some research and found some solutions on Pinterest. At first, I only saw the Flint Music Glove, which I found on Facebook and via Google. Aside from that, my therapist recommended a book, My Stroke of Insight. I also found the book Healing the Broken Brain to be very helpful.

When and how did you first find out about the Neofect Smart Glove?
After leaving the hospital, I found the Neofect Smart Glove through a Facebook group that mentioned the product and decided to do my own research on it.


Why did you choose Neofect Smart Glove among the options?
I was attracted to the variety of games, which made me think it would keep me more engaged. I wanted something that would change with my progress and challenge me. I believed the Neofect Smart Glove to be the right stroke rehab device for me because I understood that the games adapt to the patient’s progress.

How easy do you feel that it was to obtain the Smart Glove? What was confusing, if anything, about the process?
I simply filled out a contact form and then Neofect reached out to me. It was very easy after that. Neofect was really great at answering all of my questions. They sent me a size guide, called the day after I received it to make sure I got everything and understood how to use it.

I have been using the glove since May. I really liked the in-person visit that helped me understand how important the motion capture is to setting up the exercise correctly. I personally would appreciate a clearer demonstration of correct vs. incorrect usage during the onboarding call.

How long have you been using the glove? What functional changes have you noticed since you started using the product?
I am now better able to open and close my hand and have noticed some improvement with my wrist as well. I am now also able to move my index finger to my thumb. However, I still do highly favor my other hand for more functional activities.

What advice would you give to someone that’s thinking about coming on board with the Neofect Smart rehab system?
I would definitely tell them to do it. This system helped me with my hand rehabilitation and it’s fun at the same time.

Has this device or approach to therapy influenced anyone else in your life? Have you used the Smart Glove with a therapist?
I think the in-person session with my Neofect therapist was very useful. My regular therapist also regards the Neofect Smart Glove very positively and recommends it. I think Lauren’s visit was very useful to push it along though. The more a therapist can see the Smart Glove in action the more they will recommend it to other people. My therapist has talked to other patients about it.

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