Stroke Rehab at Home Every Day With Artificial Intelligence

Stroke Rehab at Home Every Day With Artificial Intelligence

Stroke Rehab at Home with AI

You must be new to home rehabilitation! We’ll guide you through stroke rehabilitation training #AtHome!

Q. What is home rehabilitation?

Home rehabilitation refers to creating an environment for those that need rehabilitation, such as patients suffering from stroke, so that they would be able to receive rehabilitation training at home. It is home-practicing the movements of body parts in need of rehabilitation, such as hands, arms, and legs.

Q. Why do we need home rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation training must be conducted every day on a continuous basis, just as we work out. That is how you can retain the movement performance that has been deteriorated due to the disease and furthermore enhance the performance upon continuous training. If your fingers or hands have become difficult to use due to stroke, you will need to receive training in moving your fingers and wrists, and if you have problems in walking, you will need continuous training in that area of movement.

Q. Can’t we do so at the hospital?

You need rehabilitation training every day, and the costs of the treatment and the time spent in getting to the hospital may be burdensome. To give you a detailed example, if you visit the hospital once a week, you can engage in the rehabilitation training exercises at home for the remaining six days. Based on the algorithm that recommends the best training method for the patients, you can home-train your body every day at your convenience, as much as you want, and at a reasonable price.

Q. Are there products for home rehabilitation?

You can receive rehabilitation training every day by playing games with the Neofect Smart Rehab Solution. Patients suffering from stroke may use the Neofect series in accordance with the different parts in need of rehabilitation, such as hands, shoulders, or cognition. The artificial intelligence in Neofect solution analyzes the patient data and suggests customized rehabilitation training exercises. The Neofect Solution was developed with individually customized software so that the patients can bring home the rehabilitation exercises conducted at the hospital and do them on their own. Also, rehabilitation games provide visual and audio feedbacks, enabling enhancement of the neuroplasticity.


Q. How can I personally purchase/rent the product?

Please leave an inquiry at the Neofect home website to learn more about Neofect Smart Rehabilitaion devices.

Neofect will provide support so that the patients suffering from stroke may see an enhancement in movement performance through the home rehabilitation training and return to their daily lives.

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