The Latest Way of Stroke Rehab: Serious games

The Latest Way of Stroke Rehab: Serious games

Serious Games for Stroke Rehabilitation

Serious games for stroke rehabilitation are games with an additional purpose other than its original objective which is the seeking of enjoyment. By adding some austere elements to the game, it aims to produce-substantial effects in certain areas. Serious games for stroke rehabilitation is utilized in various fields such as education, medical service, public, and advertising. Among these, education and medical services account for the largest portion. This is because learning a foreign language or medical technology is an easy field to verify the objectivity of substantial effects.

stroke rehabilitation - serious games

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Recently, numerous serious games for stroke rehabilitation have emerged, highlighting the positive traits of games. One of these is ‘Math Farm’, a math calculation mobile game for elementary school students. Some elementary school students tend to give up on mathematics since elementary school, as they feel boredom or difficulty in solving arithmetic. Still, it is needed for them to learn the arithmetic operations naturally in the education field. In Math Farm, the player will be able to cultivate and harvest crops and sell them in stores through the virtual farm management system in the game, thereby naturally acquainting arithmetic. Serious games for stroke rehabilitation allow oneself to be educated unpretentiously while dimming his or her disinclination.

Games are being actively utilized in the medical field as well. Neofect has developed the Neofect Smart Glove that helps the rehabilitation of patients with injured finger joints or muscles, caused by central nervous system diseases such as by traffic accidents or strokes. With the smart glove in his hand, the patient completes the games watching the screen, performing stroke rehabilitation exercise. By combining game into rehabilitation that can be boring, it encourages the patient to continue the rehabilitation effort.

In this process, one will be given appropriate exercise tasks and he will be able to follow the previous simple and repetitive rehabilitation actions with more delightfully. In addition, with more than 40 different games, it helps to separate each movement and help rehabilitate patients suitably as they select the game and enjoy. This is a good example of serious games as it also shares the aim in creating joy while performing rehabilitation. The Neofect solution allows patients to rehabilitate independently at home. The Neofect series is composed of products including hand, shoulder, arm and even products that can accomplish cognitive rehabilitation. Visit Neofect Home website to learn more information or to get counseling.

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